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Striped Trumpeter

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Striped Trumpeter - Latris lineata

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Striped Trumpeter - Latris lineata


Has three olive-green or brown longitudinal stripes on upper body, the stripes ending in blotches on head. Membrane of dorsal fin marked with iridescent blue. Grows to 120cm and 25kg.


Found in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, but most numerous in Tasmanian waters.



Small trumpeter are common in bays and estuaries; larger fish frequent the deepwater reefs offshore. Except for a few areas like Trumpeter Reef, east of Bermagui, and reefs off Tasmania, trumpeter are mainly caught by anglers fishing for snapper or other reef fishes.


Snapper rod and reel, 6kg line and hooks from 2/0 to 6/0. Best baits are prawn, squid, craytail, crab and small fish.

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